Beautiful Young Woman And Her Cute Son Planting Seedlings In Bed

Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Children need activity like they need a healthy diet. Physical activity helps their brains grow as much as a glass of cold milk sipped out of a flavored straw helps their muscles develop. It’s a shame, we believe, that recess has taken such a back-burner spot in the education system. Kids need exercise and sunshine…

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A boy drawing on a wooden table

Create Your Own Flavor Contest

Fruits, sweets, even nuts! What combination are you longing to try? In Sipahh’s ‘Create Your Own Flavor’ contest, you take the reins on what you want to taste! We love dreaming up flavors like our Camp Fire Hazelnut, and we think it’s so much fun we want you to give it a whirl. From July…

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A womand holding a glass of milk wearing a white shirt

Is Drinking Milk Healthy for You?

The health benefits of drinking milk have been a cause for discussion for decades. Countless magazine, web, and scientific articles are dedicated to either proving or disproving whether or not a glass of cold milk is actually a nutritious addition to your diet. With so much information swirling around, you might wonder what’s actually true…

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