Child playing with a paper plane in an eco-friendly environment

Eco-friendly is about being more than trendy: it’s about saving the planet. While they might seem innocuous, the rise of plastic straws over the past few decades have led to massive damage to the environment. In 2017, Americans used over 390 million plastic straws, each of which takes up to 200 years to break down and most of which can never be recycled. Plastic straws account for 3% of all the ocean’s waste and are the 11th most commonly found piece of garbage in the world’s water. With all this information now at your feet, do you still want to use plastic straws? Hopefully not! The good news is there are alternatives available, and they come in delicious flavors. Sipahh milk straws are now fully compostable, making them a healthy and environmentally friendly snack!


What Makes the Eco-Friendly?

While we hope we didn’t scare you with the first paragraph, the rise of plastic straws is a serious threat to the environment. Wildlife should never die by choking on our non-recyclable waste, and each time you reach for a biodegradable Sipahh milk straw you know you’re not contributing to environmental decay. Sipahh straws are made from fully biodegradable polylactic acid, which is more of a mouthful than a delicious glass of milk can be. PLA is a thermoplastic derived from natural plant starch (corn or sugar cane) versus traditional straws, which are petrochemicals created out of fossil fuels. Even better, PLA is 100% eco-friendly, as it takes less overall energy to create and leaves no toxic residue when it safely breaks down. While we can’t necessarily undo the damage already created by the mass use of non-recyclable plastic straws, we can make better choices for ourselves, our family, and our planet by switching to compostable straws. With compostable milk straws, there’s no lasting impact on the environment. What could be better than that?


Same Great Taste!

Being eco-friendly is well and good, but do the newly compostable Sipahh milk straws still have the same great taste? Yes, it does! The switch from recyclable to compostable straws hasn’t altered the flavors you know and love one bit. Still containing less than a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar, Each straw manages to be both healthy and environmentally friendly. Now parents can take comfort in the fact that each time their little one reaches for a straw to accompany their glass of milk; they’re getting a full dose of bone-building calcium and also helping the environment. That’s something to celebrate! To get your eco-friendly snack time started, order Sipahh milk straws today!