1. What is Unistraw Delivery System

The Unistraw Delivery System is a patented delivery device that can add fun, flavor, energy, vitamins, nutrition and medication to any beverage, including water.

2. What product we offer?

Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straw. 40 pack with assorted flavours: trawberry, Chocolate, Marshmallow, Cookies&Cream.

3. How it works?

Straw looks like a traditional straw for drinking beverages. The straw filled in with flavored beads with 2 welded filters on each end. The beads housed within a straw will dissolve when liquid passed through it, giving you flavoured beverage. You can sip from any end.

4. What liquid can be used with Sipahh Flavouring straw?

Whole cream milk, coconut milk, fat-free milk, soy-milk or any other milk alternative. It can be cold or warm.

5. How much milk I can drink with 1 straw?

200 – 250 ml

6. How to use the straw?

Dip the straw in 250 ml glass milk (any end).  Sip the milk through a straw and enjoy drink. Tastes best when sipped within 5 minutes.

7. What are the flavors available?

Chocolate, Strawberry, Marshmallow, Cookies & Cream, Banana, Vanilla, Chocolate Mint, Hazelnut

8. Is it healthy? Does it contain any artificial ingredients?able?

Milk straws contain less than half a teaspoon of sugar in each straw. Straws contain no preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors.

9. Can I re-use the straw?

No. Milk straws are to be used one time and then discarded. However they are 100% recyclable

10. Can I use these flavors on other drinks?

No. This straws are developed to be consumed with milk.

11. What is a product shelf life?

2 years from the date of manufacture.

12. How old should a kid be for the consumption of this product?

Children can start enjoying Sipahh as soon as they are able to drink from a straw and consume cow’s milk or alternative beverages such as a soy drink, rice or goat’s milk.  Children under 3 years old should consume under adults supervision

13. Can we use these straws with warm/cold milk?

Yes. Be sure the milk is not hot.

14. Where I can buy it?

You can buy it during Costco Road shows

15. What is the product's origin?

The product was designed in Australia in 1996. Now the product manufactured in India. The facility is certified with BRC, GMP, ISO (safety and quality certificates). The product is Halal, Kosher, contains NO GMO and it is Gluten Free.